Marvel Greens is owned by two directors: Amol Kokatnur and Sushant Wankar.

Amol Kokatnur

Amol was born in India to a family of farmers. His father, mother, siblings, uncles, aunties, cousins and other relatives as well as elders tendered for crops in the same land.

At a very tender age, Amol started working and enjoying it at his family's farm. Labouring with soil and water; grubbing his hands on these substances that after a while yielded green beautiful young plants that later on bloomed to food fascinated Amol; sowing seeds of a lasting impression on the lad's mind. 

This exposure also gave Amol a special chance of interacting with his elders who engrained in him the art and craft of farming. As he grew up these were horned and whetted more. This childhood experience had such a deep and profound impact on Amol's insights of career choice that he thrust himself in agricultural training at an Indian university, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in agriculture in 2007.

In 2008, this founder of Marvel Greens started working with some of the biggest Kenyan flower farms. He worked with them for 5 years, after which he switched from ornamental farming as an employee, establishing his own fresh produce and vegetable farm in 2013; later on in 2014 partnering with Sushant Wankar.           

Sushant Wankar

Sushant is an expert in agriculture, endowed with excellent technical knowledge in farming business. 

He is dedicated to farming passionately and shares the same ambition with Amol. These two endeavor serving the community by servicing it with quality and safe food, offering peaceful solutions to the world. 

Since he joined Marvel Greens, the area under farming has doubled.

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