• Incorporating the best agri-technologies in our farming to reduce to a minimum the negative impact of our agriculture on the environment.
  • Adhering to good agricultural practices and moving a notch higher of the norm so as to provide the appropriate economic efficiency of production. 
  • Maintaining the current expansion rate in order to put the entire land holding under cultivation to consistently provide our customers with freshest and safest vegetable at all times.
  • Capturing a sizeable chunk of local and export markets, keeping abreast with the latest innovations in retail packaging.

Our Values

  • PASSION: Here at Marvels Greens, we pursue good agricultural practices with zeal and zest. Our energized team stops at nothing to offer the best and safest produce. 
  • TEAMWORK: Each and every one of our employees is a crucial pillar to the stratum that makes Marvel Greens. Every employee must feel important, execute his or her work with confidence and initiative; and most importantly must feel free to contribute any innovative idea without fear.  
  • DIGNITY: In Marvel Greens, all our employees should hold up their heads high with knowledge that they are regarded as men and women of respect. The community within our vicinity must be treated with utmost respect. Everyone's dignity must be honored. 
  • INTEGRITY AND HONESTY: We are accountable to ourselves and to our entire stakeholders. We are also open to all publics interested in our operations. Openness is one of the tenets on which our quality management principles are based on. 
  • DISCIPLINE: We work with all our efforts expend strictly focused on our objectives. We try to avoid wastefulness as much as possible. We advocate for the discipline of thought and behavior. 

Quick Contacts

Marvel Group LTD

P.O Box 12345 - 00100, NBI, KEnya

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Office: +254 (0) 731 314 000